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Q&A IMVO law proposal

Alphen aan den Rijn, 17 januari 2023

We have received questions about the proposed IMVO law that was discussed on Wednesday, January 18th in the House of Representatives. Here are our answers.

What does Zeeman think about the IMVO law?

Zeeman supports this proposed law. European legislation is moving quite slowly on this issue, so Zeeman hopes this national law will pass.

Why Zeeman supports the IMVO law:

The law creates an even playing field and meets the criteria of all of the current OECD guidelines, which makes producers responsible for identifying risks in the supply chain and acting on this information. It has the most impact if we collaborate, just as we have previously collaborated in creating the textile-covenant, and in our collaboration for the International Accord for health and safety in the textile industry with Fair Wear and UNICEF.

What will change for Zeeman:

Not much will change for us as we have been following OECD guidelines in creating a transparent supply chain and have identified and followed up on risks. A recent example is that we have introduced Fair Wear’s complaint mechanism with which factory workers can anonymously lodge complaints if their rights are being violated. We have also collaborated with Prénatal in paying living wage in our shared factory in Southern India.

*This post is a translated version of the Dutch press release:

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