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Our history.

Our beginnings.

We think it's important to pause and consider the history of our company. By taking a good look at our past, we get a better idea of who we are and how we can stay true to ourselves going forward.

A family business with a classic Dutch entrepreneurial spirit.

In 1967, a supermarket for low-price clothes and textiles was a revolutionary idea. Not many stores in the Netherlands were self-serve at the time. By organizing efficiently and buying in bulk, our founder Jan Zeeman was indeed able to offer the same quality at a much lower price. The format struck a chord, and from 1974 onward, the company grew even faster thanks to a number of large acquisitions. With the acquisition of Brons in 1980, Zeeman immediately became the largest textile discounter in the Netherlands. Jan Zeeman's vision was simple: ‘Good clothes and textiles don't need to be expensive.’ This vision is as relevant today as it was then and continues to draw more customers than ever before. Since then, Zeeman has grown to become one of the largest textile superstore chains in Europe, with 1,300 stores in seven countries. 

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