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Our strategy.


World leader in

basic textiles.

That's what we want to be, and we want to achieve this by growing in a balanced way, within the boundaries of our own opportunities. And in a way that our own employees are able to manage well. We always develop the various components of our company cohesively.

Our low prices remain the core of our format.

Ever since 1967, Zeeman has stood for the lowest price. That's something we won't change. Our company is fully attuned to that objective. From buying to transportation, and from store design to company uniforms. We are, and will remain, a low-cost organization.


More and more people are discovering Zeeman.

We're not just there for people with small budgets, but increasingly also for people who make a conscious decision to shop at Zeeman. Beyond just low prices, quality is very important to our customers. As is the fact that our textiles are manufactured in a responsible way. That's why more and more, we're taking the time to explain how we do it.

We’re expanding

across Europe.

Outside the Benelux, we've already got many stores in France and Germany. We've now added stores in Spain and Austria. Every year, around fifty new Zeeman stores are opened. And that's something we're going to keep up in the years to come.

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