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about Zeeman.

Zeeman is a chain of textile stores across eight European countries. Our stores can be found in Austria, Belgium, Germany, France, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Portugal, and Spain. In these stores and online, we sell directly to consumers, offering a wide range of products categorized into four core groups: baby & children's clothes, legwear, household textiles, and underwear & sleepwear. We also have women's and men's fashion, as well as non-textiles such as food and cleaning products. In addition to our physical stores, we have nine online stores. Zeeman is a family business: 100% of the stock is held by the Zeeman family. Our company is led from our service office in Alphen aan den Rijn, the Netherlands.

Our products are mainly sourced and produced in Bangladesh, China, India, Pakistan, and Turkey. We do not have our own factories in these countries but work with specialized suppliers with whom we have long-standing partnerships. We’ve been working with some of our suppliers for 20 to 30 years now.
We also place orders with European importers. They in turn often place our orders with suppliers in the Far East with whom we have no direct relationship.

We believe in collaboration and work with many different stakeholders such as NGOs, worker representation, government, and other companies. Zeeman is a member of the Fair Wear Foundation which is a multi-stakeholder initiative with 130 members and a broad support base consisting of parties such as sector organizations InRetail, Modint, unions CNV International and Mondiaal FNV, and Clean Clothes Campaign. As an NGO, Fair Wear has been working for many years to promote good working conditions in the clothing industry, in the countries where production takes place. Every year Fair Wear conducts a Brand Performance Check and reviews working conditions at Zeeman suppliers. Furthermore, Zeeman is part of the Bangladesh Accord and Pakistan Accord and is involved in a number of supply chain projects for example UNICEF in Turkey, FNV Mondiaal and Awaj Foundation in Bangladesh, and Solidaridad in The Netherlands and Bangladesh. Every year we publish our supply chain on Open Supply Hub, which enables Zeeman to strengthen collaboration and their human rights due diligence processes. 

Read Zeeman in 2022 for a summary of our yearly report for 2022. 

This is the board of directors of Zeeman.
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