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Our way of working.


Everything begins with a good design.

Our clothes are designed by our own stylists. They bring the latest trends and product developments back to the basics. Only once we've found the simplest form do we begin production. We take care of things ourselves as much as possible. At our service office in Alphen aan den Rijn, all areas of expertise are covered. A successful design will remain in our product range for a long time. Sometimes we just vary the color or the print. This is how we keep our costs down.

Our customers come

back for good products.

We consider it a challenge to make a good product for a small amount of money. That's why we maintain control over every link in the production chain. This enables us to make sure that the products on our shelves are of good quality. More and more of our products carry the ‘Confidence in Textiles’ (Oeko-Tex) quality label. This certification guarantees that textiles are free of harmful substances. We’ve also commissioned an independent agency, TÜV Rheinland, to test our toys.


Simplicity in abundance is the foundation of our organization.

Our suppliers can count on our large purchasing volumes. This certainty leads to low prices. We transport goods by ship whenever possible. Transport by water allows for lower CO2 emissions than transport by road. We also ensure that our products make their way to our stores as efficiently as possible. Our trucks don't drive around empty, because we take all of the waste from our stores back to our head office ourselves.

We believe in sustainable collaborations.

We know the manufacturers who work for us. We've been working with some of our specialized suppliers for more than 30 years. Without any intermediaries. Our terms are clear: no child labor, safe working conditions, normal working weeks, and fair wages. We regularly visit our factories to inspect the production chain. When production isn't taking place in the way that was agreed on, we assist manufacturers in finding a solution.


We cut down waste

wherever possible.

We use as little packaging material as possible. You won't find any products with unnecessary and expensive packaging at our stores. That's better for the environment, and better for the price. To reduce plastic waste, we came up with the deposit shopping bag. Our ultimate goal is zero plastic bags.

Simple, clear and customer-friendly.

We offer our clothing and textiles in well-arranged, simple stores. With customer-friendly employees. We do not save on service, but we do save on the design of our stores and the presentation of our products. We keep our range simple: we always only have a few variants. But some really nice ones. We want you to always be able to walk in easily with us. That is why there is always a Zeeman nearby.


What's left will be sold at a discount.

We don't have a big sale. How is that possible? We have many basics. They change very little and are always in stock. That's why they don't go on sale. We have other products temporarily and those are often quickly sold out. But sometimes we buy too much. So we give a discount twice a year. That can be up to 75%. We donate items that are still not sold to charity. Because we don't like to throw them away.

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